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Current Conditions: Clear in Johannesburg, ZAF (as of 8:00 PM 4/23/2014)

Current conditions (as of 8:00 PM)
Clear. 14°C (Feels like 14). Humidity: 63% Winds: 11 km/hr N.
All times shown are local to Johannesburg, ZAF.
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Forecast for Wednesday, April 23, 2014 for Johannesburg, ZAF

Today: Showers / Clear.Showers / Clear Lo: 7°C. Hi: 20°C. Chance of precipitation: 55%
Tomorrow: Clear.Clear Lo: 5°C. Hi: 19°C. Chance of precipitation: 5%
Friday: Clear.Clear Lo: 8°C. Hi: 20°C. Chance of precipitation: 5%
Saturday: Partly Cloudy.Partly Cloudy Lo: 12°C. Hi: 22°C. Chance of precipitation: 5%
Sunday: Clear.Clear Lo: 4°C. Hi: 21°C. Chance of precipitation: 20%

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