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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016-3 User DVD, Retail Packaging, No Warranty on Software

R 333.99 

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016-3 User DVD, Retail Packaging, No Warranty on Software

Your PC’s First Line of Defense Against Viruses, Spyware and More

Product Overview
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2016 looks a little different from last year's model, but it still provides basic protection for your computer. The product includes anti-virus scanning of files, programs and websites, Anti-Phishing, protection from file-encrypting ransomware, network traffic control, vulnerability scan and  complex malware threats. From the moment it’s installed, you benefit from essential, real-time protection against the latest  attacks – without affecting your PC’s performance. With cybercriminals unleashing over 3 billion malware attacks each year, you need the best defense – or your PC and everything you store on it could be at risk.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus  delivers award-winning anti-malware technologies that work ‘behind the scenes’ – to deliver rapid and rigorous protection against the very latest viruses, spyware and more. It’s the easy-to-use security solution that won’t slow down your PC.
• Protects against the latest spyware and more
• Scans website links and email -to protect you against malware
• Combines security and efficiency-so your PC performs safely


-Protect yourself against the latest malware attacks
 Every day, over 315,000 new items of malware are unleashed by cybercriminals. If you’re going to protect your PC and your confidential information – you need a security solution that keeps up with the very latest threats.

-Award-winning security technologies
 Kaspersky Lab’s award-winning security technologies are renowned for their ability to deal with new and emerging threats. Independent tests have shown that our cloud-assisted technologies help us to identify new threats within as little as 0.02 seconds. For real-time updates – and extremely rapid defense against new malware – Kaspersky Lab is your first choice.

-Get security that won’t compromise performance
 While you need to ensure your PC – plus the precious information you store on it – are fully protected, it’s no good having security software that ruins your PC’s performance… so you can’t enjoy your digital life to the fullest extent.

-Growing complexity of new malware attacks
Despite the growing complexity of new malware attacks that are constantly being launched, Kaspersky Lab has developed anti-malware protection that successfully combines security & efficiency – so our technologies work ‘behind the scenes’ and your PC can perform exactly as it was designed to. In addition, our special Gamer Mode lets you enjoy an uninterrupted gaming experience – so you can totally lose yourself in the action

System Requirements

Operating system
-Microsoft Windows XP, windows 7 or windows 8/ Windows 10

Hardware Requirements
-Processor: 800 MHz or higher
-512 MB available RAM
-250GB Hard Disk Drive
-DVD Rom Drive

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